We have written instructions on how to set up a development version of AutoDQM. Unless you have local DQM files on hand, we recommend using a CERN OpenStack VM. Instructions for setting one up can be found here.

Environment Variables

  • ADQM_CONFIG location of the configuration file to use

  • ADQM_DB location to store downloaded root files from offline DQM

  • ADQM_TMP location to store generated temporary pdfs, pngs, etc

  • ADQM_SSLCERT location of CMS VO authorized public key certificate to use in querying offline DQM

  • ADQM_SSLKEY location of CMS VO authorized private ky to use in querying offline DQM

  • ADQM_CACERT location of a CERN Grid CA certificate chain, if needed

Join the team!

Interested in contributing to AutoDQM? Just shoot us an email at autodqm@gmail.com. If you’re anxious to get started, just clone the latest release and follow the instructions in the README to get a working development environment. Note: you will need Docker on whatever machine or server you clone AutoDQM to in order to run the web browser outside of the dedicated CERN VM.

Current Developers